On My Mind

It’s Harder than I Thought.

First of all I would like to start by saying that this is just a post to get some things off my chest and is in no way at all aimed at anyone in particular and I haven’t written it to make anyone feel any type of way at all. Anyone who has read my… Continue reading It’s Harder than I Thought.

On My Mind

What Next?

With lockdown rules set to change across the UK within the coming weeks I have constantly found myself thinking "what next?". What will happen in these coming weeks or months or even years. I have admitted before that I am a constant over thinker so whack me in the middle of a global pandemic and… Continue reading What Next?

On My Mind

Being OK

"How's things?" "You alright?" "How you doing?" These are all questions that we ask people at least once on a daily basis. Yet, I always think, how often do we actually want to know the answers. For instance, when I walk in to my local shop and Sheila behind the counter says "hiya, you alright?"… Continue reading Being OK


Family Life update

Little love My little love is now 16 months old. Since my last blog about the family, I have returned to work, become very slightly less anxious and Leo has learnt to sit, crawl and stand. He's grown 11 teeth, had his one year jags and now he walks! He's a total jabber jaws as… Continue reading Family Life update

The Baby

My Baby Favourites (update)

The last baby favourites post I did when Leo was only 3 months old. He is now nearly 15 months old. Obviously that means that we have been through a whole load more products and things and Leo even has his preferences to what he likes and what he doesn't. As in the last post,… Continue reading My Baby Favourites (update)