On Holiday

I have recently arrived back home after a ten day holiday to Marmaris in Turkey and boy what an amazing holiday. Part of the reason for said holiday was that it was my husbands gran and papas 50th wedding anniversary and they live out in turkey so what better excuse for a party and a holiday?! Also it was mine and husbands first wedding anniversary and his mum and dads 30th so a bit of a big celebration all round. Anyway as my first holiday abroad with my husband (and his family) I cannot fault it, even the days when it was absolutely peeing with rain and that a few of us ended up with turkey tummy whilst out there. The Turkish people were lovely and the guys in the apartments we stayed in couldn’t do enough to help. At one point me and a friend where even running the bar! (Yes rather drunk). I even found the people trying to get us in to their shops to buy things. Luckily whilst out there my husbands auntie taught me how to haggle. I did notice that haggling is not really something many of us were inclined to do. I mean we don’t walk in to new look and see a pair of jeans for twenty quid and then tell the shop assistant we will give them a tenner for them. But anyhoo let’s just say that by the end of the trip I was getting rather good at it and came home with a few bargains 🙂

The Turkish ice cream is amazing! Best mint choc chip ice cream I believe I have ever had! Which is saying something as its my favourite I’ve had many a mint choc chip cone in my 22 years. We even managed to get a discount on that.

The Jeep safari was amazing, I definitely recommend to any body planning a Turkish holiday. Starts off as pretty much a HUGE water fight, which we all found rather amusing when a couple turned up in all their finery, from what we can assume, they where expecting to see camels and wild animals, not get soaking wet! Then you get taken round to beautiful places such as Jesus beach and a waterfall and get given a traditional Turkish lunch. Yummy.

We also went on a boat trip which was lovely apart from the weather. Not really much to report on that though apart from we got to swim in the ocean and see caves and stopped off at a little village.

Generally all in all a fantastic holiday, I arrived home with a rather impressive tan considering I was practically transparent before I went away. As a bit of a home bird though I missed all the comforts of home and the things I take for granted on a daily basis such as being able to drink out the tap and being able to flush my loo roll down the toilet… X

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