On My Mind

On Sunshine

Well where to start, other than, I love sunshine. When the weather is bright and sunny ( it doesn’t even have to be warm necessarily) the world just seems to be a better place.

I woke up this morning with the worry of today being just the same a yesterday. A typical rainy dreary day in Scotland. So imagine, if you will my absolute delight when I peaked through the curtains to discover a bright, shiny, yellow spherical object in the sky!

My mood instantly brightened and I felt ready to take on anything, including the 24kg husky jumping about at my feet. So as I opened the back door to release the hound I sat on the doorstep to spark a cigarette (I know terrible habit, horrible) and contemplate what the day might bring.

To be fair I kind of knew the answer to this as I had a driving lesson (there will probably be another blog on that subject another time :/ ). A dog walk at some point was also on the cards, but suddenly a whole load of other possibilities became available. The washing could get hung up outside, leaving room available for more washing. I could go for lunch whilst I’m in town and sit outside, I could walk further with the dog without turning us both in to drowned rat looky likeys, I could take my camera with me and take some photographs of the beautiful Scottish countryside.

Basically, when the sun is shining it puts me in a much better, much more confident frame of mind. Which for a person who suffers from low confidence and anxiety most of the time can never be a bad thing. My driving lesson was a roaring success, the dog enjoyed his trek and… I forgot to take my camera as my furry numpty was too excited to get outside and I was too busy trying to calm him down to remember. All in all a glorious day. I hope y’all had one of those to… X

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