The Baby

I don’t want to forget

When we first had Leo I remember one of the pieces of advice we were given was to write down memories of how Leo said words or little quirks that he had so that we wouldn’t forget them when he’s older. I never paid much attention as I just always assumed we wouldn’t forget. How could we forget when we loved it so much in that moment. The amount of times I thought oh I’ll write that down later and then forgot is astonishing so I figured I’d start now.

Leo is two years old and here are some of the things I want to remember when he’s older in no particular order of favourites.

His nicknames are muffin, squidge and goob (a shortened version of goofy goober from spongebob 🤷🏻‍♀️)

He calls himself Yo-yo

He wears his builders hat everywhere. Even in the bath

The way he says bubbyfly instead of butterfly.

The time we had to teach him to say “fox snake” instead of “f**k sake” 😂

His need to “go fast” and run everywhere

That he says “ham on” instead of “come on”

His favourite comfort toy at the moment is “peeg”. He goes just about everywhere with him.

Dogs say Voof instead of Woof

Eggs are eegs not eggs

“Gort” is yoghurt

He Loves tractors, vans and “vroom vrooms” (motor bikes)

Whenever he sees a can of juice its “daddy’s juice”

The way he speaks in general. I love his toddler babble.

His curls. I feel so sad that the more I cut his hair the more they seem to disappear

2 thoughts on “I don’t want to forget”

  1. Awhhh I love all these. This is such a brilliant idea. In fact I’m going to start a little journal today to record everything. It’s so easy to forget xx


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