On My Mind

What Next?

With lockdown rules set to change across the UK within the coming weeks I have constantly found myself thinking “what next?”. What will happen in these coming weeks or months or even years. I have admitted before that I am a constant over thinker so whack me in the middle of a global pandemic and my mind just goes wild.

I’ve found myself wondering if we will ever find a comfortable new normal.

Will we ever feel unwell or have just a regular cough and our first thought not be “coronavirus”?

Will we ever feel safe travelling to visit our families?

Will we ever be able to or even feel confident gathering in large groups?

Will people ever dance the night away with complete strangers in a club without wondering if they are going to catch a potentially deadly virus?

Will our children ever be able to meet up in the school playground with all of their friends and not just a select group?

Will parents ever not feel like they have to choose between their childrens health and their education?

Will we have learnt any lessons from this lockdown?

Will we appreciate our families more?

Will we ever take our time for granted?

So many questions and yet no one has the answers. Only time will tell.

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