My Baby Favourites

This is my first favourites post so might not be very good but I have always wanted to write one and what better time to do it then now when I have a few baby favourites.

First up

Angelcare Bath Seat

231850148I had seen this bath seat a few times on people Facebook pages and floating about on my “recommendations” pages and wasn’t quite sure what I thought of it to begin with. We have had this seat since baby was about 3 weeks old. We put him in the baby bath to begin with but I felt like he didn’t feel very safe with us holding him an hubby seemed to struggle to get his grip right and be able to balance baby properly. If I’m honest, I didn’t feel all that safe holding him either. I bought this seat off of amazon and used it in the big bath the same night it arrived and immediately baby seemed to melt into it and relax so much more. It seems sturdy and secure and the blue part that they sit in is softer than I imagined (although does still leave marks on baby but it doesn’t hurt or bother him). My only criticism is that if the bath is filled to the max line on the seat then only baby’s bum and part of his bits seems to be in the bath. He doesn’t seem to mind though.

MAM Products:

All things MAM. Anything MAM. I think I may actually have a slight mam addiction. I wouldn’t even like to admit how much we have but its a lot! we use the bottles, the dummies, the dummy clips, formula dispensers and we also have the oral care rabbit and I can quite imagine that as little man gets older we will be buying the teething toys and toothbrushes etc. So far though we have loved the bottles and the dummies. The patterns are gorgeous and when maintained properly the bottles have stayed clear and don’t seem to have got marked or murky like some clear plastic bottles can. Also if you felt that way inclined you could have a bottle and dummy to match babies outfits. We unfortunately don’t have the MAM steriliser as we got given a different brand but the MAM bottles fit in it really well and seem sterilise well. Although, we use the anti-colic bottles which do have a “self sterilising” function so you can sterilise them just using the microwave. The little man took to these bottles better than a few other brands that we tried and we’ve never looked back.


Gro Bags:

Another product that we love is Gro Bags. We got gifted a 2.5 tog one at our baby shower and I couldn’t wait to use it. Little man was just under their weight guide when he was born so I personally didn’t want to use them until he was big enough but I do know people who have used them from day one even if their babies have been slightly smaller (I am not recommending this). grobagOnce he was big enough it also happened to be cold enough for him to use and it was great. Little man stayed nice and snug and was able to kick around and have a wriggle without kicking off his blankets or getting tangled up in them like he had been doing previously. I liked them so much that I then went and bought a 1tog and a 0.5tog sleeping bag for the warmer weather. They are slightly on the pricier side but are very good quality and I would imagine will last for quite a while. You can get loads of different patterns as well which are all lovely and so cute.


Little man has only had one bad nappy rash so far and it was when he was only about a week old. We had tried a couple of creams to begin with but one of them just seemed to make it worse and the other didn’t make much of a difference at all. We noticed a difference with the Bepanthen almost straight away and within a day or two his bum was cleared up. We now use Bepanthen every night after his bath and as soon as we notice any redness around his nappy area we apply it. So far I would recommend to anyone.

Apart from the baby clothes which I bought from the respective supermarkets, I have found all other products on Amazon but also a quick search on google should bring them up.

Supermarket Baby Clothes:

Last on the list but by no means least are supermarket baby clothes. We got gifted a fair amount of baby clothes when the little man arrived and all of them are absolutely gorgeous. I always thought I would want my baby kitted out in high-end clothes.  Well when I say high end I mean High street, but actually I have fallen in love with the supermarket ranges. I’m mostly going to gush about Tesco and Morrisons clothes as those are the shops that we have near us. I have become slightly addicted to the baby clothes section in our Tesco. If I have money and I’m in Tesco then you can bet that Little man is coming away with something new. I have even bought some of the outfits in a bigger size as I have loved them that much. I also discovered the baby clothes in Morrisons the other day as previously it has been my mother in law that has bought clothes from there. I had to really refrain from buying a whole bunch. Luckily hubby was with me to stop me. So far we haven’t seemed to have any problems with the quality and they are so affordable. We got sent a few things from the Sainsbury clothing line as well and so I had a little nosey online and let’s just say that I am glad I don’t drive as my little boy would be fully decked out in all the supermarket gear.

Things that didn’t work so well for us.

Disclaimer: I am not at all saying these products aren’t good or that people shouldn’t use them. I am simply saying that for us they didn’t work as well as I had hoped.

Tommee tippee bottles:

So many of my friends use tommee tipee bottles with their babies as have had absolutey no problems. On that account I kind of jumped the gun and bought a few of them to use with our little one. However when it came down to it, I made him up the bottle and began to give it to him And I felt a bit like I was almost suffocating him. I know that’s not the case and they are supposed to be boob shaped for a natural feel but I personally just didn’t like how much it covered his nose or how much I had to tilt either him or the bottle to get the last couple of ounces out of the bottle.

Bandana bibs:

Whilst bandana bibs look super cute and I think adds a little something to every outfit my little guy has, I really don’t like them as bibs. I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong or what but the amount of issues I have with trying to give baby a bottle and the bandana bib has gone all skew-wiff and isn’t sitting right. Or I can’t get the bottle in his mouth properly without moving the bib out of his face first. I think they look absolutely gorgeous but practically I just found them to be more of a faff than a traditionally shaped bib. Also as an add on, bibs that have super cute patterns and things stitched on to them. Again, super cute but not very gentle on baby’s skin. I have so far found all the ones that we have to be quite scratchy or just generally not nice to wipe baby’s face with.


Again I know many parents who swear by sudocrem and we even use it all the time on the dog if he needs it. However, as previously mentioned,when little man was very new he had a nappy rash. We applied sudocrem and the nappy rash didn’t seem to get any better and if anything it got worse. I don’t think that it was the creams fault. It just didn’t help us.

The Mamaroo:

Now I’m still not sure about this one as little man still isn’t even three months old yet and will maybe enjoy it more when he’s older but the Mamaroo is probably almost my biggest disappointment. I am an avid YouTube watcher and had seen the mums I watch on there rave about the Mamaroo. I was delighted when I actually got a decent enough wage to splurge a little and buy the wonderful thing. I was so excited when it arrived. Little man has not been as impressed with it. We keep trying but he will only really tolerate it for small amounts of time and then I think he almost gets bored of it. Also for the price of it me and hubby were saying that perhaps it could have a couple of extra features. Like wouldn’t it be great if it doubled as a set of baby scales. Or if the toys on the top actually rotated on their own. I still love the product, I just need to convince my son it’s as good as everyone says.

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