On a Thursday

I would like to be able to say that seeing as this is my first post that i am a very profound intellectual person and all my blogs will be interesting and inspiring. I am not and they probably will not… I am 22 year old wife and dog mum (sorry for those who hate the term), sitting in Starbucks in town on a lovely, sunny day, drinking coffee and taking in the atmosphere. Using WordPress as a way to get out of my own head and onto a page. “Why not use a diary?” I hear u ask, well i tried that and i kinda liked the thought of my random thoughts floating around the interweb incase anybody has the same ones. Also i hear its what all the “cool” kids are doing these days. It’s the day after the general election and all I have read or heard today is people complaining about the results. I on the other hand am taking things as they come… For all I know the country could turn to crap in the next couple of days, weeks or years but for now I am pretty content. I have just finished work (nightshift) and am waiting for my husband as per usual. So thought whilst I am waiting I would write this heap of rubbish… All I can say is I hope my posts get better from here on out… X

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