Weekend in Borgue

(From 9th October 2016)

This weekend I went to Borgue in Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway. It is my mother in laws birthday soon so her and I and a bunch of friends, 13 of us in total, went on a girls weekend away. I had never heard of Borgue before, despite the fact that it is only about an hour and a bit away from my own house. I had no idea what to expect. I quickly googled the place we were staying the night before and it did look lovely but again still had no idea what it would be like once there.

The weekend started off with my mother in law picking me up from work, home for a quick shower and grab my stuff and then us getting dropped off to meet the other ladies for the mini bus. We arrived at the meeting point and with all the stuff that was there you would have thought we were going away for a week, not just two nights. The mini bus turned up to get us and as we all piled into what seats weren’t being taken up by luggage, and drinks in hand, we were on our way. I must admit I was a little bit anxious at first as there were a few people that I don’t speak to on a regular basis or hadnt spoken to in a while. I should have known that I had nothing to worry about and as the journey commenced everyone was joking and laughing and having a great time.

The views on the way up to our little holiday home were fantastic and when we arrived at the cottage the view was beautiful. We all departed the minibus and unloaded the suitcase and then everyone went to bagsy their beds.

Once in and beds allocated we all had a bit of a chill out and a few more drinks in the massive living room. I wasnt drinking that much though as I had sickened myself of alcohol the previous weekend. The company was great though and by the end of the night (which for me was about 9.30pm) my sides were splitting from the amount of laughter.

We woke up bright and early the next day and a couple of us went for a walk on the beach nearby. It was so peaceful and the view was incredible. When we got back we had a massive fried breakfast and some of the girls went for a nap. After some more drinking and chatting and playing games we had a nice lunch of crackers and cheese and we made friends with a seagull… or rather the seagull was sitting on top of the house waiting for any morsel of food to be thrown to it, so we gave it some crisps and crackers. Most of us went for another walk to the beach and had a few drinks and some good conversation down there and I took plenty of photos. Dinner was just as big as breakfast and just as tasty and everyone made comments on the masses of amounts of food we had bought with us. I dont think many of us had eaten that much in a long time. I went to bed at about 9.30pm again that night aswell, although I was suitably more drunk than the previous night. I had definatley realised that I had no need to worry about feeling awkward around anyone.

I woke up on the last day feeling remarkably fresh considering how drunk I had felt the night before. We had another massive breakfast which again was delicious and then had to start getting ready to leave.  It was a great weekend with great company and a great laugh and so much food! I would definatley reccommend borgue to anyone that fancies and small retreat or getaway. It is so peaceful and picturesque. Although the phone signal is rubbish. A great weekend was had.

Thanks for reading.


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